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LHA Car & Commercial Wins Corporate Fundraiser Of The Year Award

by Approved Garages | 16 Oct 2018

A United Garage Services (UGS) garage, has won corporate fundraiser of the year award for a charity called Charlie's Angels.

Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation offers many different kinds of support for bereaved parents & families.

As well as providing support following a loss they also help families that are facing a prenatal diagnosis of fetal anomaly.

LHA Car & Commercial won the corporate fundraiser of the year award, as they have consistently been raising around £40 to £60 per month.

Pauline Cosgrove, from LHA Car & Commercial said, "We raise money consistently for this charity by not charging for certain jobs, so, if a customer comes in for a puncture repair or a bulb we just ask for a charity donation, rather than payment for it."