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Best Fuel Saving Tips for your vehicle

by Simran Sehmi | 21 Jul 2020

Best Fuel Saving Tips for your Vehicle

Wouldn’t now be a good time to know how best you can save even more money with fuel for your vehicle?

Below are some tips on how to best conserve your fuel and how your driving can impact the amount of fuel you are using.

Accelerate Evenly

Make sure that when you accelerate you do so evenly with all gear changes. Do not drive erratically or aggressively, drive smoothly, and do not brake suddenly as this can all effect the amount of fuel you use.

Make less trips

Drive less – seems simple. However, if you plan your journeys that are required throughout the day and only use the vehicle once in a day rather than 10 different journeys you could use your fuel more efficiently.

Check your Boot

Check your boot for any unnecessary load. Having additional unnecessary weight in your vehicle could be costing you more money in fuel.

Control your speed limit

If you drive at 80mph on a 200 mile trip rather than the speed limit of 70mph, you will arrive at your destination about 20 minutes earlier, however, you will have used more fuel and would could have cost you an estimated £8 extra.

Tyre Pressure Correct?

Are you tyre pressures correct? Having low (or high) tyre pressures mean they have to do more work and will impact the vehicles fuel efficiency.

Air Conditioning

Do you use air conditioning all the time? Using the air-con all year round will be using your fuel too. Only use this when necessary and not constantly.