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Don’t let your tyres ruin your summer holidays

by Approved Garages | 24 Aug 2021

 We all know that uncomfortable sunburn or a brush with a jellyfish can ruin a summer holiday, but have you thought about the effects under-inflated tyres might have on your break or day trip this summer?


One in five motorway breakdowns are caused by tyre problems and you’re more likely to be involved in a breakdown if your tyres are incorrectly inflated.



Driving with incorrectly inflated tyres (even as little as 10% below or above):

  • makes your braking distance longer,
  • makes your vehicle harder to steer,
  • uses more fuel, more quickly,
  • shortens the lifespan of your tyres, forcing earlier and more frequent replacement.

Correctly inflated tyres are also better for the environment – using less fuel, reducing your carbon footprint, creating less environmental pollution and reducing waste, as the tyres don’t wear out as quickly.

So make sure you check your tyre pressure before setting off on any significant journey – don’t risk ruining a long-awaited day trip or holiday with a breakdown or incident caused by poorly maintained tyres.

Find out how to check your tyre pressure and tyre tread, and how to carry out simple vehicle checks of oil, lights and screen-wash on the Highways England website and enjoy your holidays!