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Top tips to increase your electric car range

by Approved Garages | 11 Oct 2019

It’s good to know that with every new model that comes out in the EV spectrum, the range just gets better and better, so you can get more mileage before you need to plug in again.

That said, are you looking to squeeze some extra miles from your Electric Vehicle? Here is a quick guide on how to increase your electric car range.

Go easy on the air conditioning

Research has shown that if you utilise the air conditioning and heating system of the car, it will decrease your electric vehicle range by around 30%.

Rather than freezing or sweating whilst driving your Electric Vehicle, it is a better idea to precondition the car when it is still in charge mode. Doing this whilst it is plugged in will help you get more range out of your EV because it uses the most energy when it begins the cooling or heating phase. After you have achieved that initial temperature, then maintaining it will not use as much energy.

Take off the Roof Rack

A Berkeley Lab study finds roof racks responsible for almost 1 percent of national fuel consumption. They said that the use of roof racks requires vehicles to expend more energy due to aerodynamic drag. The fact of the matter is, if you’re driving round with a roof rack on your EV, you’re basically giving away range.

Try using cruise control where possible

Using cruise control on any type of car can save on battery. Constant driving speed is often linked with higher fuel efficiency. This is true for using cruise control on flat roads, but if you are driving at a gradient on a hilly road, then cruise control can use more energy.

Ensure the tyre pressure is correct

With modern technology built into cars, we rarely check our car’s tyre pressure unless the sensors tell you to. But did you know that the sensors will only tell you when there is a real problem with the pressure, but not if the tyres are only slightly low.

Under-inflated tyres have been recognised to reduce fuel economy - every 1 psi shortage in pressure interprets into a 0.4% drop in mileage. Find out the suggested psi for your car's tyres and check and maintain it regularly.

Declutter your car

The actual battery in an EV is quite heavy which is why, Electric cars weigh considerably more than their petrol only equivalents. However, you can ensure you keep unwanted items out of your car to maximise the electric car’s range. If your boot is filled with heavy bricks, pipes or such, it’s better to take them out if not needed.

Stay below the speed limit

To get the most out of your Electric Vehicle range, we suggest you keep within or below the speed limits. Accelerating gently away from traffic lights, turning slowly, and braking less harshly, will all increase the range in your car.

For Electric Vehicle Repairs, Contact an Approved Garage

Many of our technicians have undergone Electric Vehicle Training and are capable of repairing your Electric Vehicle.

If you find you need a garage technician to take a look at your Electric Vehicle due to drop in the range, then simply search our database to find your nearest Approved Garage.