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Is your vehicle Summer ready?

by Simran Sehmi | 10 Jul 2020

Is your vehicle Summer ready?

Nowadays, vehicle components are not just vulnerable for failing and needing replacement in the cold winters, as our summers are heating up, there has become more chance of needing replacement in the summers too.

There are 7 main factors to check before heading into summer to try and avoid any major issues with your vehicle.  Some of these items can easily be checked yourself, but others would need to be checked by your local garage to ensure a thorough check is carried out. We recommend you take your car along to your local approved garages, who can carry out a full summer check and ensure trouble free motoring.

  1. Check your Tyres – check for general wear and tear and ensure tyres are fully inflated.
  2. Check your Brakes – it is a simple check once tyres have been removed, this would be done by your local approved garage.
  3. Check your Oil – check your dipstick fill line and if it is below the line it requires topping up, oil should be checked every couple of months.
  4. Check your Transmission fluid – best to go to your local approved garage to get this one checked out.
  5. Check your Coolant – check that your radiator tank is full,
  6. Check your Brake Fluid – if you braking fluid is running low, this could impact your braking ability. This would have to be done at your local garage.
  7. Check your Battery – check that battery is charged correctly, another one for your local approved garage.

All the above 7 checks can easily be completed at your local approved garage, to find your nearest one click the link below. Get your vehicle ready for summer to ensure no costly surprises!